The Education RevolutionThe Education Revolution: How to Apply Brain Science to Improve Instruction and School Climate The Education Revolution is a timely book because it takes relevant findings in neuroscience and bridges the gap between brain science and education. The book illustrates how discoveries in neuroscience can be directly used to modify instruction and improve school climates to advance academic achievement and student behavior. The Education Revolution not only provides a clear explanation of relevant findings in neuroscience but also provides guidance through lesson plans that illustrate how the science can be incorporated into classroom management and instruction. The practical application of neuroscience illustrates that it is time for every teacher to join the Education Revolution!

Book Review

"Horacio Sanchez combines expertise in education, psychology, and neuroscience with extensive teaching experience and extraordinary insight into what makes us all behave the way we do. If we follow his expert advice in this book, a genuine Education Revolution is truly possible--one that reveals the greatest learner each of us can be. Our best hope for the future is having each youth learn and live up to his full potential. This is a revolution we all need."
DAVID L. KATZ MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, is the founding director (1998) of Yale University's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, and current President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.




documents1A Brain-Based Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap provides a superior framework for understanding the achievement gap. The book provides a logical explanation of the complex issues that cause the achievement gap. More importantly, it provides a comprehensive approach to eliminating this significant problem. The framework helps educators modify instruction in order to improve academic performance for all students, as well as designing educational climates that maximize student behavior and academic achievement. This thought provoking approach combines science, research and best practice in the field of education.

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documents2A Mentor's Guide to Promoting Resiliency provides a revolutionary framework for understanding childhood development, disorders, and treatment. In addition, it provides strategies for promoting protective factors that will help mitigate the presence of risk, thereby improving life outcomes. Every mentoring program should make use of this valuable resource.








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